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PEPPER - 2006 - 2008



The PEPPER project aims to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of the police enforcement of road traffic, by:

  • Describing and analysing the way traffic law enforcement functions in Member States and how it contributes to national road safety work. Exploring different stakeholders' views of traffic enforcement in Member States and EU.

  • Exploring and analysing possibilities of advanced technology such as machine vision, positioning technologies and new wireless technologies in the detection of violations, traffic enforcement data transfer and communication, paying attention to cost-effectiveness and cross-border enforcement.

  • Developing enforcement data collection systems and databases for monitoring of the use of enforcement resources and describing the impacts on road user behaviour and road safety. Identifying the data needs of the police for strategic and tactical planning of operations. Conducting pilot studies in order to test the availability of comparable European wide traffic enforcement data.

  • Evaluating the impacts of enforcement on road user behaviour and accidents. Exploring and making recommendations for good practices in traffic law enforcement, based on scientific analysis of the effects. Analysing the cost-effectiveness of various enforcement methods and targets. Developing indicators for the effectiveness of traffic law enforcement.

  • Developing a series of dissemination activities.

  • Summarising main findings.