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Case studies

Relocated reuse

Relocation of industrial halls and warehouses 

SEGRO warehouse, Slough, UK

Relocation with the help of original building’s designers

The warehouse building from 2000 was relocated in a different layout in 2015 to enable the construction of a new road bridge. The original brick cladding was replaced by a new composite wall system. [factsheet]   

Agrocolumna warehouse, Copăceni, Romania

Deconstruction and relocation of a warehouse and office building

The building was erected in 2004 in Craiova, consisting of a two-storey office area and a warehouse. In 2012, it was moved to Copăceni (227 km east of Craiova) and one more bay was added to the warehouse. [factsheet]

Metis canopy, Otočac, Croatia

Deconstruction and relocation of a steel canopy

The original structure was erected in Pula and was relocated for reuse in 2011 in Otočcu, 266 km away. [factsheet]


Relocation and conversion of old hangars

Bus station Schiphol – Nord, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Truss structure relocated twice

The original building was erected in 1942 and was used as a hangar by the Royal Air Forces in UK and later by the Rotterdam Airport until the late nineties. In 2003, the structure was reused as a hangar for seven years by the Rotterdam Detention Center. In 2015, it was reused again as a bus station in Schiphol. [factsheet]

BRE test facility, Cardington, UK

From zeppelin hangar to gas explosion testing hall

Two sheds in Cardington were converted from hangars for building zeppelins in wartime. No. 2 shed owned by BRE was initially erected in Pulham, but was moved to Cardington in 1928. The entire 3270 tonne steel structure was dismantled and reassembled. [source]


Reuse of commercial buidlings

S-Market, Urjala, Finland

Deconstruction and reassembly of a steel structure in a new location

The owner of the retail stores chain in Finland decided to replace an existing building in Tampere with a new, larger one. At the same time, the need for a new grocery store emerged only 60 km far away creating a perfect opportunity for a relocated reuse. [factsheet] 


Partial reuse of the of the primary structure


NTS building, Thirsk, UK

The structure that was never built

The original building order was cancelled in 2008 after the fabrication of its steelwork and the elements were stored. Then the fabricated steelwork was divided in four parts and sold in auction. The new building was erected in 2017 by reusing one of the lots from the original building. [factsheet]


Kingsize academy, Bradford, UK

Reuse of portal frames

Two portals from existing industrial buildings were used as part of this new secondary school. [source]


Single-storey buildings designed for reuse

MEXX DAY hall, Timisoara, Romania

The design of a relocated steel industrial hall

The structure was designed in 2008 as a standard kit to be adapted for different locations and applications. It was erected in 2009 and relocated for reuse in 2017. [factsheet]

YIT warehouse, UK

The warehouse follows its owner

The building has been erected several times – first in Finland and then twice in the UK. The building foundations have changed from asphalt to concrete and the cover has been replaced once but the frame structure has remained the same throughout. As YIT’s construction sites have changed, Best-Hall has relocated the building, which is used as a warehouse, from one country to another as required. [source]


Reuse of cladding and secondary structure


Mac-Fab Systems department store, Monaghan, Ireland

Steel panels with considerable reuse potential

Steel cladding was reused on a large department store in Monaghan, Ireland. [source]

740 Rue Bel-Air, Montreal, Canada

Reused roof joists

Roof joists from existing industrial buildings were reused in the construction of a new government building on the same site. [source]


In-situ reuse

Conversion of primary structure into a multi-storey building

HIDROTIM offices, Timisoara, Romania

Hydraulic testing hall converted into multi-storey office building

The building was erected in the 1960s as a single storey industrial hall of steel structural elements with crane and converted into a five-storey office building in 2004. [factsheet]

RWTH seminar building, Aachen, Germany

Conversion of the former heat and power plant into a seminar building

Following the closure of the RWTH heat and power plant in the 1990s, the decision was made to transform it into a seminar building by adapting the structure to meet the new functional requirements. [factsheet]

Major refurbishments

PUT laboratory, Timisoara, Romania

Rehabilitation of the Steel Structures Laboratory after severe damage

The structure was erected in 1959, consisting of truss elements. Part of the structure was damaged in 2017 by a storm. [factsheet]


Blue Steel Building, Leeds, UK

Warehouse refurbishment with columns extension

The existing warehouse was thoroughly refurbished. Its portal frame was raised by 3 m, existing purlins, bracing and rafters were reused and a new office block was added with composite metal decking. [source]


Changing the general purpose of the building 


Musée d'Orsay, Paris, France

Museum in the railway station

The Orsay railway station was built for the Universal Exhibition of 1900 and converted into museum in 1978. [source]

Angus Technopôle Building, Montréal, Québec

New life for a locomotive plant

A former locomotive assembly plant used by Canadian Pacific Railway was converted into light industrial workshops and office spaces for community-focused businesses in 1999. [source]