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REAfrica 2011-2012


REAfrica - Renewable Energy to Africa

Business opportunities for the Finnish companies exists in the global renewable energy market. However, this market is rapidly changing and success requires both up-to-date knowledge and effective partner networks. A product-service offering is needed also in Africa but a road from a product to steady income requires both systematic and systemic approach.

REAfrica is a VTT managed research project funded by Groove technology program ( ) and VTT. The aim of REAfrica is to better understand the market structure, business environment and networks, and companies’ challenges. VTT also seeks to establish partnerships with local research organisations.

The focus of REAfrica is in the Sub-Saharan Africa and currently mainly in the East African common market. However, renewable energy is an important topic all over Africa and very interesting business opportunities exists across Africa. The challenge for any business is to identify right place and right time for their own product-service offering, capacity, and ability to take risks.

REAfrica-project has been open for all interested Finnish companies. REAfrica is ending in November 2012, but everybody is welcome to join for discussions about future activities.

Best networking regards,
REAfrica Team