Company participation

Participating companies have varied interests in renewable energy markets in Africa. This portrays the diverse of opportunities and business potential in Africa. Some of these companies are looking for instant business cases but others need market information for long time planning. However, a common intrest for all is networking both in Finland and in the target markets. This interrest is shared with VTT and takes place both at business and research level.

  • M&S Power - Small scale hydro-power stations

  • Vaisala - Observation and measurement products and services

  • Darrox - Hybrid renewable energy solutions for telecom operators

  • GreenStream Networks - Establishment and management of green investment

  • Mervento - Multi-megawatt direct drive wind turbine power plants

  • Höyry ja Lämpö - Wood pellet factory turn-key projects

  • Wello - Wave Energy Solution

  • Hifab - Management of electrical network projects

  • One1 - Renewable energy technologies to be implemented locally.

  • Elcon Solutions - Customized Power Supply System Solutions

  • Simosol Oy – Support system for optimal sustainable use of timberland