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REmix 2011-2013


REmix - Renewable Energy Multitechnology Mix

REmix project aims to identify and elaborate existing and potential areas of joint system delivery and lifecycle service business models that enable delivering a cost efficient integrated single site energy production facilities that exploit multiple renewable energy technologies.

Question: What are the drivers and business benefits when using a ”colocation of multiple RE-technologies” -strategy model?

Potential ones

  • Renewable energy investments grow fast (private and public)

  • Competition gets tougher - demands new innovative offerings

  • Service innovations are generic over RE-technologies

  • Many technology level solutions can be replicated over renevable energy industries system level deliveries - Related services replicate as well

  • Customer needs can be better met by providing a broad portfolio of products and services as a total solution

  • Being environmentally friendly and having a smaller carbon footprint is not just about technology but how to deliver total solutions

  • More efficient joint deliveries require less total resources, less total time and are less expensive / more profitable per output

  • More sites become economically potential and feasible to the investors, suppliers and customers

  • New service packages can be provided for colocation site. Services can be jointly produced by the partners to create bew business.

Providers' collaboration and innovation networks and processes are the engine that delivers value to the customer. Crossing technology and service borders requires new models for cooperation not only in technology and service development but also in business. These innovation models are being studied in REmix to promote crossing both technology and interest group borders.

An important part of REmix are the real life cases. These cases have two roles:

  1. Cases are studied to learn about customer needs and context.

  2. Pilot calculations and concepts are made based on selected cases to support interactive group work and learning.