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RESPIRE 2007 - 2012


RESPIRE - Case studies on Sustainable Renovation in Eastern and Northern Europe

Eastern European (EE) countries have a large number of low quality housing built with prefabricated concrete elements. These concrete residential buildings present the largest retrofitting challenge in Eastern European countries; and one of the best opportunities to substantially improve energy efficiency of residential buildings on the large scale in the EU. In the light of the ambitious energy-efficiency improvement targets in the building sector, we look at possibilities of retrofitting these buildings, focusing on sustainability and to reduce negative environmental impact.

We attempt to adapt some of renovation experience of prefabricated concrete residential buildings in Finland to Eastern Europe, with special focus on technological (e.g. architecture, building physics & structural safety), economical, institutional and policy settings.

RESPIRE is part of the ERACOBUILD project INSPIRE (Integrated strategies and policy instruments for retrofitting buildings to reduce primary energy use and GHG emissions), the Finnish-EE part of it being developed in partnership between VTT and the Polytechnic University of Timisoara, in Romania. The financing in Finland is from TEKES, RUUKKI and VTT, and in Romania from UEFISCDI. Arkkitehtitoimisto Käppi is working on architectural solutions.


  • Identification of building typologies and past design practices in Romania (PUT) merged with a review of renovation experience in Finland (VTT) into a technology overview.


  • Retrofit market in Romania and Eastern Europe analyzed to understand important market drivers (PUT) and propose business models to activate and access the market (VTT).


  • Analyze the retrofit technologies to a number of examples and analyze in detail the impacts (financial, added value, energy, CO2, service life etc

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