The goal, a successful Finland Ltd - the tool: target-driven technology development

We create impact through holistic solutions: dynamic industry • clean living environment • efficient and environmentally friendly use of materials • reduced oil dependency

"Finnish industry now finds itself in a situation where it will take courage to grasp new opportunities. VTT's comprehensive and target-driven research and innovation programmes support the structural change taking place in Finnish business life. We identify the critical challenges and respond to them in cooperation with our partners through technology. As an example, confirming the competitiveness of the forest industry and generating a new bioeconomy sector are the key issues for Finland's future. A comprehensive approach will be necessary if we are to obtain these targets. The development of individual technologies isn't enough. We need to build the elements for the entire ecosystem.”

Executive Vice President Anne-Christine Ritschkoff


Industry's operating logic is in transition 

The structural change in global business life is pushing ahead at high speed, with direct impacts on industry here in Finland. Some we have already seen, and some we can anticipate. Others, though, we can only guess at. Faced with these challenges, the traditionally strong industries are looking into new openings that are expected to bring new growth and vitality. VTT, together with companies and other partners, creates and develops new innovative products and comprehensive solutions to respond to these challenges.

Fast-tracking ideas into business

The rapid transformation of new ideas into practical solutions produces significant competitive advantages for industry. According to VTT's customer survey, carried out in summer 2013 by Taloustutkimus, in those VTT projects resulting in adoption of a whole new technology, 33% thought VTT's role was unique (“it would not have realised without VTT”), while the remaining 67% thought that VTT's participation had accelerated the realisation. Similarly, in projects resulting in generation of new or improved products, services or production processes, 23% of respondents said the result would not have been realised without VTT, while 71% said that VTT's participation had accelerated the realisation.

To technology development, VTT links an understanding of business logic and an ability to anticipate new business opportunities The need for courage to step out of the comfort zone and take risks is also evident. VTT's programmes offer a versatile collaboration platform for building industry value chains and pilot environments for the needs of the various actors (SMEs, start-up companies, major corporations, the public sector, etc.).

Technology development is directed by the needs

VTT is in tune with the times regarding the critical challenges both in public debate and in the operations and future planning of businesses. We at VTT play a key role in building a successful Finland Ltd, identifying the challenges where the required solution demands comprehensive technology development. This is how the objectives of VTT's spearhead and innovation programmes are formed. Programme implementation is also strongly directed by the essential needs for the competitiveness of business and society.

VTT' help in reshaping industry is tried and tested!

According to a study conducted in 2013 ( out of all public research organisations VTT is the most important R&D partner for Finnish companies. The same survey reveals that VTT has had a significant share in every fifth Finnish innovation, with VTT's expertise present in every third. VTT’s role is in particular highlighted in innovations based on the customer companies' core technologies, of which no fewer than 43% contain VTT know-how. On the basis of the survey, cooperation with VTT also appears to ease the penetration of Finnish business enterprises and innovations into international markets. This trend has strengthened, particularly in recent years. The scientific quality of VTT’s research services is demonstrably high. In particular, the citation indexes for scientific publications written by VTT research scientists were at a very good level. 

Spearhead programmes

Innovation programmes