Strategy spearheaded by internationalisation

Research units in Brazil and Korea • Active player in European innovation policy • Operating on all continents, 19% of turnover generated abroad • 9% of companies on the Global Fortune 500 list are VTT customers • Experts working at VTT come from 50 different countries • VTT's EU/ERA funding for 2013 was approximately EUR 59 million.

VTT is present in the international arena through many research and innovation networks, alliances and partnerships. While the majority of VTT's research and innovation activities are European-driven, VTT's goal is to extend its reach to global innovation environments. The overall goal is contribution to the solutions that are needed when addressing the Grand Societal Challenges. This can only be done in cooperation, within larger initiatives and together with responsible partners, from both the private and public sector.

VTT had 699 (2012: 541) publicly funded international research projects ongoing in 2013, of which 471 (2012: 361) were EU projects. Projects in the Seventh Framework Programme numbered 386. VTT was particularly active in ICT, Nanotechnology, Materials and New Production Technology, Energy, Biotechnology, Transport and Security programmes. On average, the share of industry partners is 42% in those consortia where VTT is engaged in FP7. Altogether 83 Finnish SMEs were involved, 27 of them in the specific Research for SMEs programme.

In 2013

  • Foreigners accounted for approximately 6% of VTT employees and 31% of visitors working as externals
  • There were 165 foreigners working at VTT with an employment contract
  • The most frequent target countries for VTT employees working abroad in 2013 were USA, South Korea, Japan, France and Germany.

VTT’s marketing and net­working offices (FinNode):
Shanghai (China), Tokyo (Japan), St. Petersburg ((Russia), and Brussels (Belgium).

VTT in European alliances and expert groups 

  • AERTOs – Horizontal partnerships between research institutes
  • EERA – The European Energy Research Association
  • EIT ICT Labs
  • ETSON – European Technical Safety Organizations Network
  • HTA – Heterogenous Technology Alliance
  • JIIP – Joint Institute for Innovation Policy
  • KET – Key Enabling Technologies High Level Group (EU Commission)
  • NULIFE/NUGENIA – Nuclear Generation II and III Association

VTT in Finnish research alliances

  • BETA – Bioenergy Technology Alliance
  • Industrial Biotechnology Cluster Finland
  • FIMM – Institute for Molecular Medicine Finland
  • FSA – The Finnish Service Alliance
  • PrintoCent – Innovation Centre of Printed
  • Electronics and Optical Measurement Technology
  • Finnish Centre for Nanocellulosic Technologies

VTT’s participation in Academy of Finland Centers of Excellence (CoE)

  • Finnish CoE in Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) (2012–2017)
  • Finnish CoE in Low Temperature Quantum
  • Phenomena and Devices (2012–2017)
  • Finnish CoE in Molecular Systems Immunology and Physiology Research (2012–2017)
  • White Biotechnology - Green Chemistry Research (2008–2013)