In 2013

  • 291 invention disclosures and 20 software notifications
  • Total patents and patent applications nearly 1,300
  • At 31 December 2013 VTT Ventures Ltd was a shareholder in 20 companies founded on the basis of VTT technology
  • Publications totalled 1,750, of which scientific articles accounted for 620 (36%) and conference presentations 500 (28%), 100 publications appeared in VTT's series
  • Approximately 1,800 publications yearly, 60% of them scientific articles and conference presentations
  • Since 1943 more than 7,000 publications have appeared in VTT's own series, of which 1,700 are available as a web version


Impact of VTT’s projects

Share of survey respondents who had this benefit as their goal in their VTT project and felt that the benefit was generated in the project:

95% reported that their knowledge base and expertise had improved.
95% thought that a VTT project had promoted networking.
89% believed that a VTT project had speeded up or otherwise improved research and development work.
78% confirmed that new products, services or processes were created.
76% believed that a VTT project had contributed positively towards the opening up of new business opportunities.
75% said that a VTT project had promoted their marketing.
73% reported that their competitiveness had improved.
68% said that a new business concept or a new earnings model was created.
57% reported that a whole new technology was adopted.

Taloustutkimus Oy, VTT customer survey, 2013


Impact, prizes

  • VTT's Vice President, Research, Tatu Koljonen has been appointed a member of the EU Commission's CONNECT Advisory Forum for ICT Research and Innovation (CAF). DG CONNECT, the European Commission Directorate General for Communications, Networks, Content and Technology, channels funding for the Horizon 2020 programme to ICT research and innovation, while CAF shapes the EU's priorities in this area. Koljonen has also been appointed to a joint body established by the EU and China tasked with strengthening and coordinating innovation between the two countries.
  • The European Association of Research and Technology Organisations EARTO has awarded VTT an innovation prize for technology work behind an allergy vaccine. VTT patented technology helps the human body to develop resistance to allergens.
  • The Finnish Foundation for Technology Promotion has chosen DSc Marja Matinmikko, Senior Scientist at VTT, as the winner of the 2013 Young Researcher of the Year award. Matinmikko conducts research on the radio spectrum of mobile communication systems and on spectrum sharing.
  • Petri Mononen has gained recognition from the European Commission through the iMobility Award for his out­standing contribution to the adoption of intelligent transport.
  • The Building Information Foundation RTS has recognised the lifetime achievements of VTT architect Pekka Lahti through its RAKEVA award.
  • The 2012 VTT Award was presented to John Kettle for the development and promotion of internationalisation in support of VTT's strategy.
  • Satu Helynen was appointed as Finland's ambassador for clean energy in the CEM network for promoting the adoption of cleantech.
  • The Finnish Society for Innovation Journalism Finjo has awarded VTT's Manager, External Communications, Sakari Sohlberg an Innovation Stone in recognition of his work on communicating technology to the media.
  • The Smart Urban Spaces project coordinated by VTT received an Award of Excellence in the category 'Exploitation' at the ITEA and ARTEMIS Co-Summit event.
  • VTT's ESiP project received the annual ENIAC JU Innovation Award for the high quality and reliability of its project applications.
  • According to the Finnish Science Barometer 2013, published by the Finnish Society for Scientific Information, VTT is the most trusted research organisation in Finland.