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RRALD 2010-2013

Roll-to-roll atomic layer deposition process development


RRALD is a strategic research project between VTT, LUT/ASTRaL, TUT/PAK and industrial partners. The goal is to develop a roll-to-roll atomic layer deposition (ALD) system and characterise the materials produced by it in a range of important applications. It builds on the successful outcome of the previous project (CALD) by some of the participants (LUT/ASTRaL and TUT/PAK) where the first steps of a continuous ALD process were developed.

The aim in RRALD is to design, build, characterise and understand a true roll-to-roll ALD process. The outcome will be an ALD process which will allow the coating of continuous polymer (or other) webs for surface functionalisation, diffusion barriers, buffer layers, or other purposes. It will open up a whole new range of industrial processes to the ALD process and will enable Finland to be the world leader in roll-to roll ALD technology.

Link to Intranet for project partners