Aims and focus

Aimed for professionals and scientists working in the sensory and consumer field on product development and marketing aspects of consumer products. The focus is on the sensory professionalism and the practical application of sensory science. A special attention is given to new knowledge and implementation in the food and beverage industry.

This is the 15th Nordic Workshop in Sensory Science:

1987 Vestby, Norway; "Avansert sesorikk"

1989 Göteborg, Sweden; "Avancerad sensorik II"

1990 Århus, Denmark; "Forbrugeren i centrum"

1991 Barsebäck, Sweden; "Ätkvalitet i centrum"

1993 Kirkkonummi, Finland; "Förpackade livsmedel i centrum"

1995 Bergen, Norway; "Smak og konsistens"

1997 Göteborg, Sweden; "Sensorik i marknadsföringen"

1999 Reykjavík, Iceland; "Sensory Evaluation and Quality"

2002 Kolding, Denmark; "Sensorik og Perception"

2004 Turku, Finland; "Advanced Sensory Tools for Improved Products"

2006 Ski, Norway; "Focus on the Nordic Consumer"

2008 Göteborg, Sweden; "Nordic Sensory Identity"

2010 Reykjavik, Iceland; "Nordic Sensory Communication"

2011 Snekkersten, Denmark; "Sensory Professionalism"

2013 Helsinki, Finland; "Added Value by Sensory Approaches"