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Service Concepts (SerCo) 2010-2012


Service Concepts - Structured concept with tools for service design, analysis and implementation

In today’s world, where conventional production is moving to cheaper areas, service business is becoming increasingly important in high cost western countries. The transition from a manufacturing economy to a service economy and from goods-oriented hardware suppliers to service providers is ongoing and gaining momentum. This transition and organisation of service business is not easily performed, since service systems are complex and multidisciplinary requiring knowledge on several domains; business, people, organisations, technology and economy as well as ability to produce and share information among several partners. For creating new service concepts and business, enterprises need to be able to efficiently combine knowledge on a broad scale. In many cases these new service systems are not critically evaluated and planned and consequently have serious problems in their operation and management.

The objective of this project is to develop tools to design, optimise and analyse service processes by using system dynamic approach. The idea is to model organizations’ structures as well as practices and study system behaviour with computer simulations. Generic simulation models will be developed for use in the design and analysis of service processes and concepts. The developed methodology can be used to show the added value of services to different stakeholders.

Start date: 1/1/2010
End date: 31/12/2012

Keywords: Service System, Service Science, Service Business, Service Concepts, Dynamic Modelling, Simulation, Analysis, Optimisation