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ServChange - transformation power for the creation of new service business




Manufacturing and technical trading companies are increasingly investing in developing service business, especially industrial services. The transition of companies from technology and product providers to service providers can be considered a stepwise, strategic development. Entering the level of service partnership requires strategic changes to the business models and service offerings as well as intentions to build an industrial service culture and capability.


New approaches are beeded in order to bring new insight into overcoming the challenges of transformation; ServChange project studies the challenges an organizational culture perspectives as well as aims at creating new management tools for supporting new business creation. The project aims to create new knowledge of the transformation and support companies in their efforts to renew their business, improve the competitiveness and create new service businesses.


ServChange project will exploit the results from former projects by applying the potential methodologies in new contexts and new industries. The novelty of the project is based on the following targets :

- application of an approach for service culture and capability in the field of technical trade,

- application of uncertainty management for service business development, based on former experiences from product development in the technology industry, and

- creation of new knowledge of customer value creation and the application of value models in pulp & paper industry.