Sfinno update
We are soon launching the 7th update round of SFINNO® database for innovations introduced in 2014-2016. Previous update round produced almost 800 new innovations from professional journals in years 2010-2013. Firms which have developed an innovation have been invited to provide additional information on innovation process with Sfinno questionnaire. The updates are carried approximately every second year.


1st comparative study on Finnish and Swedish innovation activity
DIT SFINNO-SWINNO project compares innovation dynamics and development trends in the manufacturing in Finland and Sweden in 1970 - 2013. The aim of the study is to produce comparative research based evidence on the renewal of manufacturing and the factors affecting to it through the lens of commercialised innovations. The longitudinal data allows to analyse longer-term changes in innovation activities between the neighbouring countries. The primary material used consists of innovation data collected via LBIO method. In addition, we use survey and statistical time series data available. The project, which is carried jointly out by VTT and the University of Lund, Department of Economic History, started with a work package ensuring reliability and comparability of the innovation data collected. The analysis phase consists of three work packages, the first of which will explore the Finnish and Swedish innovation trends in detail. Another work package studies cooperation and networking in innovation in forest cluster in Finland and Sweden. The third work package deals with potential linkage of policy and innovation which will be studied in the context of ICT innovation in both countries. Results of the study will be available in early 2017.


’Suomalaisia innovaatioita – Suomi-konepistoolista Habbo-hotelliin’

Juha Oksanen, Pekka Pesonen, Nina Rilla, Jani Saarinen (Gummerus) in Finnish only.

The book on ’Finnish innovations’ introduces 150 innovations from the decades of independency until today. These innovations reflect not only the capability for renewal in the Finnish firms, but also the thought of people and the change in lifestyle. The book introduces tangible products, new technologies and services as well as systematic reforms that have changed the society.

The book is available on the selected bookstores.


Sfinno data reveals Tekes’ role in innovation development

According to the Sfinno data, Tekes has been involved in 60 per cent of Finnish innovations over the last 15 years. This is revealed in a study on the various roles that a funding agency, Tekes has played in innovation-driven renewal in Finland. The original and most visible function has been the role of Tekes as a major provider of R&D and innovation funding. However, its roles as an activator, networker, coordinator, investor, accelerator or foresighter have been important but less visible as well.

The study was published on 16 January 2012. Report is available at Tekes’ website.