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Smart Bridge FM

Use case 1 - Structural health monitoring

The main motivation for the Structural health monitoring use case is to enhance the usage of monitoring data in practical unified format in the bridge owner's asset and facility management. Target in Smart Bridge FM -project have been to create a proposal for sharing sensor data over established interface. In the picture below is present few possible uses for the sensor data. Providing this kind of sensor data more openly will enable development of new types of supporting methods and tools for bridge facility management.


The main approach in implementation of standardized information sharing interface has been usage of Semantic Web/Linked Data (SW/LD) methods and especially usage of existing data definitions, in this case Ontologies, in describing the sensors system instance and data transfer. Developments of all kind of digital interfaces are rapidly expanding and there is emerging need to consolidate the approaches and use common data models and types.

Below is presented the main layers and some functions of proposed information sharing approach. There is a need at least for three types of functions in the information sharing layer implementation. Basically it have to identify the sensors in order to request data from those. In this sense there must be a data model of sensor system with IDs and metadata of types, measures and locations and possibly some topology data of the implementation. Beside this system description there is need for actual data transfer functions with two type: requesting real time or history data from the interface but also methods to push data from sensor system to client systems, like alarms and notifications.


The proposed ontologies for structural health monitoring are presented in more detail in following document: Structural health monitoring system and ontologies

One target in Smart Bridge FM -project have been utilizing 3D Bridge Information Model (BrIM) in facility management use case. In this monitoring use case the sensors may be 3D modelled at some level of detail and the locations may be presented in relation to structural BrIM. In the project was developed an experimental user interface to visualize sensors in BrIM view with the actual sensor data of the case bridge.


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