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Smart Bridge FM

Use case 2 - Bridge inspection

An augmented reality (AR) user interface was demonstrated for the use case of a bridge inspection. In the demo system the inspector can see the bridge through mobile device screen and with pointing the scene can be requested information of structures, add new defect finding or see the locations of previously added defects.


The demonstration was based on Trimble's SiteVision™ system that contain Trimble's Catalyst softGNSS receiver, combined with Google ARCore technology, to produce a handheld high accuracy outdoor augmented reality system. More information of SiteVision can be found in

The AR-view is combining the 3D Bridge Information Model (BrIM) with camera view of a mobile device and user can adjust the visibility of virtual 3D model. The BrIM is once located in real world coordinate system for aligning the model. In AR-view a user can point the screen and the system recognize the pointed BrIM object and perform selected function of the developed user interface (UI). The 3D model-data is retrieved from Trimble Connect model server where it is stored in IFC-format and major IFC property data can been seen in the basic SiteVision™ UI.


A mobile application was developed for the bridge inspection use case and it is following the Finnish practice of general inspection of a bridge. Those are based on visual inspection and implemented about once every 5th year. In this practice all defects have to be attached to the structures of the bridge that are predefined in bridge owner's register as a hierarchical breakdown-structure. All corresponding IFC-objects were linked to these structure instances to create a link between owner's register data and the BrIM. In the demonstration the needed initial data was transferred to external system and no interface to bridge register were developed.