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SmartPilots EVENTS

We invite all stakeholders (managing authorities, intermediate bodies, regional funding authorities and applicants, funding beneficiaries, innovation organisations, cluster organisation, users of SPF…) with an interest in shared pilot facilities (SPF) and innovation to be actively involved in our events. For more information please contact Katrien Molders

​12 Oct 2016​SmartPilots Interregional SEMINAR on Direct Support Mechanisms for Shared Pilot Facilites​Fraunhofer CBP, Leuna, GermanyProgramSave the date
​13 Oct 2016​SmartPilots STUDY VISIT 3: Fraunhofer Center for Chemical-Biotechnological Processes CBP​Fraunhofer CBP, Leuna, GermanyProgramSave the date
​14 Sept 2016​SmartPilots STUDY VISIT 2: Agro-industrie Recherches et Développements, ARD​ARD, Pomacle, FranceProgramSave the date
​11 May 2016​SmartPilots STUDY VISIT 1: Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant​BBEPP, Ghent, BelgiumProgramParticipants List
​10 May 2016​SmartPilots Kick-Off meeting ​BBEPP, Ghent, Belgium