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smp'17 symposium topics


- Open or ducted propellers

- Podded propellers and thrusters

- Water-jets

- Unconventional propulsors (Flapping foils, CRP, Surface piercing propellers, rim drives, tip loaded...)

- Propeller/hull/rudder interaction

- Cavitation modeling

- Noise, vibration

- Propeller and rudder erosion

- Green propulsion

- Numerical methods in propulsion (VLM, BEM, RANS, Hybrid, LES, DES, DNS)

- Dynamic positioning

- Propulsor dynamics

- Propulsor-ice interaction

- Propulsion in seaways

- Energy Saving Devices (ESD)

- Experimental techniques

- Full-scale measurements

- Ocean current or tidal turbines

- Off-design and crash-back conditions