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STACCATO - Stakeholders Platform for Supply Chain Mapping, Market Condition Analysis and Technologies Opportunities

STACCATO aimed to propose methods and solutions for the creation of a security market and a structured supply chain in Europe. In line with ESRAB recommendations, it went beyond research needs and gap analysis already undertaken through efforts supported by PASR, by identifying implementation measures. To this end, STACCATO:

- mapped existing competencies in the EU-27, highlighting particularly the role of the SMEs in order to integrate their innovation potential and examine ways to effectively undertake a coordination of the European Security and Technological Industrial Base (STIB),

- proposed a methodology for a technological watch,

- analysed the conditions and proposed recommendations to develop a common European Security Equipment Market (ESEM), by identifying common needs, taking into account regulatory issues and coordinating with regional, national, international and EU security research programmes.

These activities were supported by an enlarged multisector stakeholders platform composed of users, industry, SMEs, academia and think tanks of the EU-27 based on the SeNTRE and ESRAB experience.

STACCATO’s contributions:

  1. Supply Chain Involvement (including SMEs and new Member States)
    STACCATO’s objective was to address the whole supply chain, thus expanding the involvement of science and technology providers to the new Member States as well as to European SMEs.

  2. Technology watch and STIB mapping in EU 27 (including SMEs)
    STACCATO aimed at assessing the competences of the supply chain in Europe through technology watch and mapping of the equipment and technology environment and the STIB. This analysis took into account the existing capabilities in the EU 27 and worldwide in order to identify the starting point in Europe and the gaps that need to be filled in order to answer the European needs.

  3. Establishment of stakeholder platforms/network
    STACCATO’s objective included representatives of SMEs and new Member States who have specific capabilities in the existing network of industry, research and technology organizations, think tanks, academia and users.

  4. Coordination with existing or planned research programmes in Europe
    STACCATO identified common research projects or programmes at the national, regional, European and international level and thus contributed to the synergy and complementarity of FP7 Security research activities.

  5. Promoted the creation of a European security equipment and system market
    The above mentioned technology watch, STIB mapping and comparison of existing research programmes in Europe allowed for the necessary analysis for the future creation of a common market in the security field.

  6. Priorities and recommendations identification, integration and dissemination
    STACCATO presented a methodology for a dynamic scenario for threats and vulnerabilities assessment, technological challenges, priorities and recommendations for a common market for security solutions and support to the European STIB.

( G.A. SEC6-SA-214200, Starting Date: 15/01/2007, Duration: 16 months, Coordinator: AeroSpace and Defence Industries Association of Europe - ASD )