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‚ÄčThe project aims to:

  • generate new bio- and mineral-based solutions, through utilization and development of materials produced by Finnish industries;
  • create new business for material producers (biochar, peat ash, soil amendment material, filtration minerals), vegetation suppliers, landscaper and urban planners as well as stormwater management designers (needing quantitative-based calculation models/tools), monitoring and data management companies responsible for monitoring hydrology;
  • promote new technologies for clean water through improved stormwater quality when removing pollutants by surface (pavements, vegetation) and sub-based soil layers; also by developing closed circle technologies for water harvesting;
  • promote new technologies that create a greener living environment, as tree and plant health is promoted by cleaner water percolating to the ground substrate;
  • benefit urban built environments, with increased population density being affected by environmental conditions and stormwater management practices (flooding, pollution, health hazards);
  • integrate smart city technologies, when using ICT and monitoring techniques to quantify quantity and quality of ground-infiltrating stormwater, which can be linked to design models for decision making and cost savings, i.e. for maintenance needs.