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Tailoring food properties


Tailoring food properties by enzymes and microbes

VTT develops novel and sophisticated enzymatic and microbial solutions for the food, health and wellbeing sectors. The prerequisites of the high-quality food products are advanced technological, sensory and nutritional quality, and healthiness and safety. VTT focuses on minimising waste formation in the manufacturer processes and on upgrading co-products generated in food or ingredient production.

In the raw material and food structure engineering and flavour design, enzymes and microbes are exploited as biotechnical tools. Our multidisciplinary research on enzymes and microbes covers the research chain, starting from screening, purification, characterisation and production of enzymes and microbial strains, ending up to advanced application of these bioprocessing tools in raw material modification and food manufacturing processes. The objective in the enzymatic processing is to perform controlled modification of proteins, carbohydrates and lipids and to engineer micro- and nanoscale bulk and interfacial structures. Microbes can be applied to modify food raw materials to obtain safe, wholesome and tasty products.

The research focuses on cereal-, berry-, vegetable-, milk-, meat- and fish-based products. For the processing of food matrices VTT exploits its multidisciplinary expertise in enzyme and microbial technology, material sciences, microbiology, food technology, sensory science and surface chemistry.