Our main objective is to measure, understand and control microbes and their interactions in various bioprocesses. VTT has long experience in confidential cooperation with its key customers in ensuring the microbiological safety of agro-biomasses, foods, feeds and beverages. We apply various conventional microbiological methods and molecular approaches to study complexity, behaviour and activity of microbial populations during processing and in the final products. We help our customers to find solutions for more controlled process management in their specific processes.

Biodiversity and microbial community dynamics

• Detection and identification of microbes (bacteria, yeasts and moulds)
• Conventional culture-based techniques and molecular techniques for population, group, genus, species and strain level identification

Microbial metabolites and cell functions

• Identification and characterisation microbial components influencing process behaviour and quality of the final products 
• Enhancement of activity of antimicrobial agents by cell permeabilisers

Behaviour, activity and management of microbial biofilms on organic and inorganic surfaces

• Understanding microbial communication (quorum sensing) and interactions with the surroundings
• Development of novel detection methods

Total chain microbiota management by physical, chemical and biological tools

• Combining mixed cultures with other alternatives such as heat treatment, modified atmosphere and natural preservatives
• Improving process hygiene

Probiotic and starter technology

• Characterisation novel, potential strains
• Antimicrobial mechanisms and technological properties
• Formulation and stabilisation of probiotics and starters for food and beverage products

VTT Culture Collection

• Identification, deposit and delivery of the microbial strains