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Advanced technologies for productivity-driven lifecycle services and partnerships in a businessnetwork

Project summary

The project targets at improving the productivity of industrial processes by creating new technological capabilities in selected most potential areas and considering cost-efficiency, availability performance, safety and smart decisions through the asset lifecycles. Research results will support machine and production system providers in creating new offerings with safer and sustainable processes, meeting the changing requirements of the business environment.

The project is divided into four research themes the content of which are selected based on long-term needs of industrial ecosystems:

  • Industrial internet: The technologies for Industrial internet addressed in this project cover Wireless solutions for safety and asset management, wired Ethernet connectivity and Cable-free power and communication.
  • Business and system risks and opportunity management: Provision of novel full-line services requires efficient management of the network and adoption of new business models. The project considers a techno-economic model for the management of the assets, that will support the networked business model. A design process for considering safety, security and reliability in a holistic manner will be created.
  • Electric fleets: Electrification of vehicles and machinery, taking already place at public transport side, is an emerging opportunity. The project addresses the entire design process for electric vehicles or machinery.
  • Digital design process: The trend is that Dynamic Machine Simulation Environment and Hardware-in-the-Loop are utilized in R&D phase to increase efficiency in the development cycle. These types of new development environments are crucially needed for development of machine fleet management control systems, IoT based condition monitoring systems and decision making systems. The project will create capability and technology environment to support these type of development of complex machine autonomy, machinery diagnostics and safety systems.