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Connected and Automated Driving Urban Test Site Tampere


‚ÄčAutomation of Traffic in Finland

  • LivingLabBus - Goal of the Living Lab Bus (LLB) environment is to enable the development, testing and demonstration of various services and technologies by using innovative electric buses as a concrete platform in a real use environment
  • SOHJOA - The project is demonstrating operation of automated minibuses in Finland. The project aims solve the challenges of urban mobility and also find the best solutions for city traffic, safety and user experience.
  • Aurora - test ecosystem is designed for verifying and validating new ITS solutions and innovations in real extreme weather conditions. Situated in Lapland, Aurora offers a test location for validation, marketing and assessment of impacts and performances of intelligent transport automation
  • NordicWay - is a pilot project that seeks to enable vehicles to communicate safety hazards through cellular networks on a road corridor through Finland, Norway, Sweden and Denmark

Research projects

  • ENABLE-S3a - The objective of ENABLE-S3 is to establish cost-efficient cross-domain virtual and semi-virtual V&V platforms and methods for Automotive Cyber Physical Systems.
  • RobustSense - develops a robust and reliable platform for automated driving. The platform addresses the problem that today's driver assistance systems stop working in harsh environmental conditions like snow, rain or sun-flare.
  • DENSE - project aims to develop and validate an all weather sensor suite for driver assistance and automated driving.
  • AUTOPILOT - Horizon 2020 project, started in 2017, that brings together relevant knowledge and technology from the automotive and the IoT value chains in order to develop IoT architectures and platforms which will bring Automated Driving towards a new dimension
  • TransformingTransport - Horizon 2020 project, started in 2017, will demonstrate in a realistic, measurable and replicable way the transformative effects that Big Data will have to the mobility and logistics market.
  • 5G-Safe - Finnish national project,  aiming to improve road safety, optimize logistics and road maintenance, and contribute to the future of autonomous driving by delivering novel focused and time-critical services to vehicles, road users, and 3rd party organizations in a reliable and scalable manner.

ITS initiatives

  • ITS Factory - is an innovation, experimentation, and development environment cooperated by the city of Tampere and companies from relevant sectors.
  • ITS Finland - is a non-profit association that promotes the development and deployment of transport and logistic telematic services and improves the awareness of Finnish ITS expertise
  • Liikennelabra