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Connected and Automated Driving Urban Test Site Tampere


Sensor testing services

The project offers the possibility to integrate commercial or prototype sensor versions to UrbanAutoTest vehicles and integrate to sensor data analysis platform. Together with the project team a test plan is set up.
The following services are offered:

  • Capability testing: Evaluation of the capabilitiels the sensors and the software to test a library of objects.
  • Reliability testing: evaluation of the sensor performance in difficult weather and lightning conditions
  • Stability testing: evaluation of the sensor performance in long-term use in various temperatures, vibration environments
  • Evaluation of sensor data throughput and local analysis capabilities

Sensor R&D

The project partners offer research consultation services for designing, developing and prototyping emerging sensor technologies and their operation in various environmental conditions, such as

  • Hyperspectral sensing

Autonomous vehicle control and performance

The project partners offer

  • Drive-by-wire software platform, car network and control actuator testing
    • Taipale device

V2X solution and application testing and pre-certification

The project partners offer different services for testing and certification of applications:

  • V2X communication testing
  • V2X Safety Application road testing in versatile test route environment
  • V2X vehicle integration and application performance validation
  • ETSI ITS G5 Conformance testing services

End-to-end service development

The project partners can assist in the end-to-end development of services.

Evaluation and testing

The project partners offer different services related to evaluation and impact assessment:

  • technical performance evaluation of sensors and systems
  • HMI usability testing
  • safety, mobility and socio-economic impact assessment.