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How to get started with Tampere Test Services?

License plate for automated driving testing

On application, Trafi can grant a company a test plate certificate that entitles it to drive its vehicle with test plates. The test plate certificate is valid for one year from the date of issue, and can be renewed yearly. A separate application must be filed for each set of test plates.

The application consists of:

  • The application form, including
    • Prior to submitting the application, a valid test plate insurance has to be obtained from an insurance company, who will enter the test plate insurance data without the vehicle registration mark into the insurance information system (VATT).
    • Extract from Trade Register, not more than 3 months old
    • Power of Attorney if the applier has no authorised signatory of the business
  • Test plan, including
    • overview of the tests,
      • Research plan,
      • Technical details of the vehice
      • Overview of the test areas
      • Description of how traffic safety is maintained.

Use of the test plate according to 66 f $ of the traffic law regarding temporary use of vehicles in traffic.

Joint test planning with UrbanAutoTest partners