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Connected and Automated Driving Urban Test Site Tampere

Test infrastructure

Portfolio of test vehicles

VTT has several research vehicles

  • Citroen C4
  • VW Touareg
  • off-road track vehicle MD15
  • mobile road side unit


Sensor test equipment

VTT offers a Rapid prototyping test bench for environmental perception (leaflet)

Smart traffic road side units

Two ITS-G5 road side units are installed in Tampere:

  • ITS-G5 road side unit dynniq
  • road side unit VTT
Smart traffic road side units

VTT has developed a 3D simulator for testing the delivery of C-ITS messages.

Data for testing and simulation
Data, captured by test vehicles, over the test track, can be made available, dependent on agreements with the project partners. Data includes:
  • GNSS data
  • Video recordings of the route in multiple light and weather conditions
  • Radar data
  • Lidar data

The collected data sources can be combined, as they have been accurately time synchronized between each other