A better life and wellbeing for all

Within a few decades we will have dramatically different services and tools to enable and support good life. Although population ageing is a central driver of wellbeing related business opportunities, new business innovations are expected to be life changing for people across all age groups.


Views and foresights of people’s wellbeing

The need to reinvent healthcare has become obvious in the course of the past 10 – 15 years, when several drivers have emerged that interactively push for a systemic change in health services.

On the demand side societies are greying, our lifestyles are projected to lead towards a huge increase in chronic conditions and we are better informed of what medicine or nutrition can do. On the supply side biology based medicine has improved our understanding of diseases, their diagnostics and therapies.

The role of patients has changed fundamentally from passive objects of care to proactive partners and co-producers of their health and care, while ICT enables the integration of data and best practices, the virtualisation of certain health services and resources, and access to services anytime anywhere.





People’s wellbeing and VTT

In Europe, we currently spend close to 80 % of our health budgets on the direct and indirect care of chronic diseases, although we know that chronic diseases can to a large extent be prevented and managed. VTT has three multidisciplinary research frontiers in the realm of wellbeing that all aspire to change our concept of healthcare in years to come: active and healthy ageing, lifestyle management and personalised medicine and nutrition.

The evolution of the health care field is inspiring great hopes of wellbeing reaching completely new levels within our lifetime. Functional nutrition, early diagnostics, motivational tools, remote health monitoring and active and responsive housing are but a few examples of areas with substantial future impact for both business and society. Wellbeing is a core area of future growth with substantial potential for a large array of new business.

VTT’s research both directly and through additional business innovation strives to dramatically improve the quality of life. VTT is taking a leading role in generating a platform of combinatory technologies and services to ensure wellbeing at all ages. VTT’s work on wellbeing focuses on creating concrete solutions, tools and devices through advanced research.