Bioeconomy is a mark of our time

In years to come, VTT expects bioeconomy to be an essential part of the whole economic system, when goods and services are produced with the winning combination of different sustainable technologies and renewable raw materials.What is bioeconomy?

In short, bioeconomy is an economy based on the sustainable manufacture of different products from renewable biobased resources, as well as exploitation of biological phenomena in processing of non-biological raw materials. Bioeconomy thus combines traditional processing and engineering technologies with emerging technologies to generate business opportunities, welfare and economical growth.


Views and foresights of bioeconomy

Bioeconomy is the future. Several industrial sectors will clearly benefit from bioeconomy and it is expected to have considerable impact on society.

Trends driving towards bioeconomy are environmental, societal and economical. Climate change will result in changes in agriculture and forestry. New crops and plant varieties will grow in northern Europe. Increasing environmental consciousness means more and more are willing to pay for sustainable products. The depletion of fossil raw materials is a global problem that is advancing bioeconomy everywhere.

Bioeconomy is a mark of our time and increased economic consciousness. Although bioeconomy serves a greater purpose to increase sustainability, efficient business is still the foundation upon which all bioeconomy production is built.

Bioeconomy and VTT

Sustainable processes which can convert biomass to a multitude of different products are at the heart of bioeconomy. Key enabling technologies include biotechnology, chemistry, process technology, automation and manufacturing technology. In the field of bioeconomy, VTT has an important role in producing research and insight that glues industrial value chains together, to achieve best practices and competitive results.

VTT’s multidisciplinary offering in bioeconomy combines vital enabling technologies for a large range of production competences. Industries that are in an especially promising position to prosper from bioeconomy include pulp & paper, food, energy, chemical and materials production.

VTT is a key player especially in developing bioeconomy processes and products, with research ultimately leading to new business in biorefinery products, biotechnical products and bio-enabled products. As a provider of bioeconomy related research for partners all over the world VTT also has an active bioeconomy spin off policy - creating new stakeholders to the value-chain is highly important to us.