VTT aspires to create a clean globe

Your waste is valuable raw material for someone else. You need not look too far in the future to imagine a world with no waste. Recycling, reusing, smart production, water purification and zero-waste policies are changing the way we produce and consume - ultimately the way we all live our lives. Creating a clean globe is a joint project. It involves every line of business and society at large. All material resources are relevant to clean globe related research. Currently, focusing on incorporating a zero-waste policy is the most critical driver towards a cleaner planet.


Views and foresights of clean globe

A heightened awareness of climate change all over the world has paved the way for research and new business opportunities related to central challenges regarding a clean globe, such as lowering emissions, the sustainable use of materials and water efficiency. Life-cycle considerations are receiving increasing attention in product development, as are the overall ecological, social and economical aspects of production.

Rising living standards combined with the new global division of labour have created considerable business opportunities in both preventing a decline in ecologically sustainable living and in cleaning our globe.

Another key driver is urbanisation, which is advancing at an alarming pace. New solutions relating to urban air quality and water use will become a fast growing line of business with great potential within the near future.


Clean globe and VTT

VTT focuses on four technological areas in order to create a cleaner globe through new business: purification, recovery & reuse, efficiency and information management.

In practise this translates to a wide range of progress: VTT creates technologies for emission mitigation and research is finding ways to make products from CO2. Smart water reuse concepts, the valorisation of water impurities and water efficient industrial processes show great promise, having already had a considerable impact on production sustainability in water-intensive industries - with far reaching effects promising to ultimately have a role in easing global water shortage. Groundbreaking work done by VTT’s experts has also enabled the ecoefficient exploitation of minerals and production, which is both emission efficient and produces zero waste.

We are moving towards a clean globe with green solutions for water and waste. VTT is leading this effort on many fronts.