Upcoming in a digital world: the emancipation of data

ICT is the nervous system of society: it is the primary instigator for 80% of innovations and 40% of current productivity improvement. ICT Digital convergence is the source of disruption in every business.


Views and foresights of Digital world

Soon, all information will be digitised. Digital information can be used in other instances and for other purposes than the original. It can be controllably replicated into service mash-ups, creating a wide range of new business and incentives for open use of public and private data. We have coined this trend as the emancipation of data.

Hand in hand with digital convergence, sensors and printed intelligence are gaining momentum as key building blocks of ubiquitous computing. Sensors, embedded into our surroundings and everyday objects, are essential for making objects and spaces smart. Printed intelligence is a way to produce sensors, solar panels, user interfaces and other components at cost unimaginable with other production mechanisms.

There are three main goals towards which the ICT sector is heading: smart, sustainable and inclusive growth.

1) Smart growth is characterised by ICT enabled innovations, which substitute raw material and energy intensive consumption of the past with digital and immaterial growth.

2) Sustainable growth uses ICT as an instrument. We can meet the challenges of climate change and scarce resources by involving the latest ICT solutions to manufacturing, logistics and consumption. ICT can provide the citizens with the tools and incentives for reclaiming responsibility of their actions.

3) Inclusive growth invites everybody to enjoy the social benefits of the digital world. The threat of digital divide can be avoided by ensuring general computer literacy. Finland can take a pioneer role in this aspect thanks to good education system, homogenous and small population and citizens positive attitudes towards ICT.

VTT and Digital world

Digital convergence is changing the way we live as citizens of the new knowledge based society and how we do business in the new digital economy. VTT offers leading edge ICT and electronics technology enablers which will boost competitiveness of businesses across all industries.

VTT is at the heart of digital research in a country that has proven its outstanding ICT skills time and again. New, knowledge-based business is evolving fast and VTT aims at creating new business ecosystems by providing efficient, inclusive, and trustworthy solutions for industrial competitiveness and societal grand challenges.