Massive growth for smart energy solutions

We need to re-think the way we work, move, live and consume. The challenge is to make the change without sacrificing quality of life and well-being. New technologies will be needed for virtually every aspect of our daily lives. Low carbon and smart energy solutions may limit global warming and enable 50-80% green house gas reduction globally.


Views and foresights of low carbon and smart energy solutions

The changes we are facing today will be far-reaching. The use of solar, wind and biomass based energy will grow significantly and a sharp increase is predicted for wind power generation. In the very near future, low carbon energy production and transport solutions will increase significantly with new low carbon solutions to existing power plant assets as will efficient energy use initiatives in industry. We will see more smart buildings, even smart cities.

When all these advances are coupled with the smart integration of production, use, and consumer choice, we have every opportunity for achieving world class efficient use of energy and meeting or even surpassing mutual targets.

Unprecedented investments are expected in low carbon and smart energy solutions world wide. Finnish solutions for greenhouse gas reduction and competitive economy have vast opportunities in the global market, especially in the field of low carbon and smart energy technology and services, where massive growth is predicted in upcoming years.



Low carbon and smart energy solutions and VTT

VTT’s low carbon and smart energy related research spans numerous different fields, including solar energy, nuclear safety, bioenergy chains and concept solutions, wind power production and fuel cell solutions, as well as waste-to-energy technologies.

VTT develops technologies, systems and business models to combine well-being and low carbon society for the year 2050. VTT identifies low carbon pathways for local and business area driven solutions. Furthermore VTT generates low carbon solutions with scenario assessment and global energy system modelling. Our multi-disciplinary approach is combining expertise in energy systems, energy production, and energy use in all sectors of society and gives us competitive edge.

VTT offers support for policy makers and companies by energy system modelling and scenario work in order to find cost efficient measures and implementation plans to fulfil the new energy and climate targets. VTT’s leading edge low carbon and smart energy technology enables new solutions with first of its kind demonstration in Finland to catalyse introduction of new energy technology to market. VTT’s multidisciplinary expertise is crucial for these success stories.