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Water sustainability

Water footprint to efficiently manage water use and water risks

VTT offers services to improve water management at process, product or company level. Water footprint gives information about the water flows and their environmental impacts of the companies’ global product chains. By identifying the most critical points in the value chain, the water footprint enables focusing on the most relevant measures and investments towards improved water efficiency. Water footprint provides valuable data that supports decision-making, product development and communication. Water footprint thinking also strengthens company's sustainability strategy: by understanding the impacts of their own operations companies can enhance their risk tolerance.

The water footprint is a method based on life cycle thinking, which means assessing the water consumption and changes in water quality during the whole life cycle of the product and product chain. VTT applies the international ISO standard on water footprint for the assessment.

VTT’s experts are efficiently networked with global actors and we have the latest understanding on assessment methodologies. We are actively involved in developing the methodologies and tools, and we have participated in drafting the ISO standard on water footprint. We have implemented water footprint projects with various industry sectors, including forestry, mining, textile and food industries.   

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