Water risk management

VTT helps companies to identify and manage water related risks in their business and value chains. The risks may be associated with water availability, quantity and quality or the company's reputation, all of which ultimately have an impact on the profitability of business operations.

Water risks can be examined from various perspectives.

  • The global perspective underscores especially the risks caused by water scarcity and the business responsibility (image and business risks).
  • The societal perspective emphasises the domestic water quality and availability, and the risk management of water utilities and networks (water security, vulnerability).
  • The business continuity perspective underlines the sustainability of water use, closed water cycles and the quality management of process waters (process and product safety risks, environmental risks).

The analysis of water risks is part of all stages of an operation, product or service life cycle (planning, implementation, use, maintenance, phasing out). The focus of risk analyses, the set requirements and the methods used in the various stages may differ from each other. In the concept and design phase, the goals are typically related to the risk-based assessment of different implementation options. . In the use and maintenance phase, the main emphasis may be, for example, on uninterrupted and safe operation, and product quality assurance.

VTT experts have experience of the application of different risk assessment methods and their suitability for different targets. When you need a professional and experienced partner for planning and drafting risk analyses and leveraging their results, VTT is the right partner for you.

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