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How to log in to VTT Workspace

Previously your "User Name" was filled in as EXTRAMOSS\<User_Name>, but all accounts were forced to use new domain in March 2012 as: VTTEXT\<User_Name>.     

If you experience problems with the VTTEXT\<User_Name> log in method, please try the following: enter your user name when asked as: <User_Name>

This way your workstation does not confuse VTT’s extranet service in to your own organization domain. Each extranet user can try this method, and use it from now on.


Click the Login link below.

Enter your user name and password which you received from VTT.

Login | Forgot workspace password?



IE browser may propose a domain name to a "user name" field for example, "" or your network domain name before the user ID. Example:\[user ID]. Delete all domain information and write:

Example for extranet users: VTTEXT\user ID (Please note the backslash " \ " character) Enter the password to the password field.

Example for VTT users: VTT personnel must use the same user ID and password as logging on to workstation. AD\user ID (Please note the backslash " \ " character) Enter the password to the password field.

NOTE: if you copy the password from your e-mail message so please note that to the end of your password might easily come an extra whitespace. Delete it before you press the OK button.



Deadlock password

The password is blocked by 5 wrong attempts after which the user account must be opened by a workspace administrator: Please inform your username via email (address:

Browser requirements

  • Internet Explorer or Firefox browser (IE recommended)
  • SSL abled (https)
  • Cookies abled
  • * allowed in pop-up blocker

If You have questions or problems please contact Workspace support.